Magnolialand Studio
Magnolialand Studio is my home project studio. It is a modest but powerful medium, built around an Apple G3 computer. It includes a Yamaha 01V digital mixing console and Hafler biamplified monitors. Recording is hard disk based, using an external Glyph drive. Conversion is accomplished by either the 01V console, an Audiomedia III card, a MOTU 2408 (also digitally connected to the 01V via lightpipe), or by using the Super Bit Mapping of a Sony DAT as the front end.

Digital editing and sequencing platforms include Pro Tools, Studio Vision Pro, Audio Desk, and Peak. Plug-in DSP includes Waves, Hyperprism, and SFX Machine. Other relevant software includes MAX, MSP, MetaSynth, and Csound. There are a number of outboard signal processors and mic preamps.

MIDI and SMPTE are managed by a MOTU Midi Timepiece AV. MIDI control includes keyboard devices and a Peavey PC 1600x controller. A Yamaha 4x CD-R/W produces red book audio compliant CDs (via Jam), and CD-ROMs (via Toast).

The studio includes recent consumer synthesis modules, a number of vintage analog synthesizers, and electro-acoustic sound-sculptures. In addition to its electronic and electro-acoustic instruments, Magnolialand includes a grand piano and various Gamelan instruments.